Company Profile

Founded in 2009 by CCITS Co., Ltd., China Commerce International M.I.C.E. (Beijing) Co., Ltd is a professional M.I.C.E. company. Like the CITS M.I.C.E, CTS M.I.C.E and CYTS M.I.C.E, it’s the fourth M.I.C.E Company with tourism-related permission. Since the last five years, it focuses on both domestic and international M.I.C.E market, provides services such as planning big events, exhibitions and outbound M.I.C.E and tourism for many multinational companies, Chinese famous enterprises and institutions. With the main philosophy “Client-Oriented, Genius Service”, it gets successful experiences during assisting clients to build and maintain their brands’ images and integrate all resources. 

As the investor, CCITS Co., Ltd. founded in 1996, is the direct enterprise under the China Commerce Group. With the registration in State Industrial and Commercial Bureau, it has been admitted into organizations as China Travel Service Association, Beijing Association of Travel Agents and Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), mainly managing the services of inbound and domestic tourism, business exhibitions, and international conferences. It is also authorized the 5A Class international travel agency with the permission of organizing the Chinese citizens for outbound tourism.

After years’ of effort, the volume of business of CITS and CCITS M.I.C.E. has been expanded. They have built up the business relationship with many domestic and international commerce organizations, societies, associations, institutions and multinational company groups etc. In 2013 CCITS’ turnover reached 10 billion. CCITS M.I.C.E gets long-term relationship with its customers with relaying on CCITS managing resources, its strong organization skills, efficient information management and experienced executive team.